Persuasive essay help

persuasive essay help

: additionally, consequently, similarly, moreover, however, on the other hand, finally, in sum, in conclusion. If you can write down a thesis statement directly opposing your own, you will ensure that your own argument is debatable. As long as it makes the reader want to continue reading, or sets the stage, you've done your job. What further questions has my argument raised? For this reason, its crucial to consider to whom you are targeting your essay.

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You want the first sentence to grab someone immediately and get them to keep reading. To add to your knowledge of a topic, read thoroughly about it, using legitimate sources. Decide if your audience agrees with you, is neutral, or disagrees with your position. Do the transitions between sentences and paragraphs help the readers understanding? Understand the opposite viewpoint of your position and then counter it by providing contrasting evidence or by finding mistakes and inconsistencies in the logic of the opposing argument. The conclusion should restate the main argument and supporting points. (For this reason, topics such as religion usually arent a good idea for persuasive essays, because youre incredibly unlikely to persuade someone away from their own religious beliefs.) 9 Keep your focus manageable. Dont get stuck on this step! Once you have your ideas together, you may discover that some of them need research to support them. It attempts to persuade a reader to adopt a certain point of view or to take a particular action. Good: "Without pushing ourselves to energy independence, in the arctic and elsewhere, we open ourselves up to the dangerous dependency that spiked gas prices in the 80's.". Multiple studies found that dolphins worked in tandem with humans to catch prey.

While it takes a lifetime to master, learning the tricks and tools will make you a better writer almost immediately. The closing sentence can be a dramatic plea, a prediction that implies urgent action is needed, a question that provokes readers to think seriously about the issue, or a recommendation that gives readers specific ideas on what they can.